Finally, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me – put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:8-9

Monday, December 31, 2012



The Cross of Christ encompasses ALL things. In particular it brings the whole race in Adam to an end, and it begins an entirely new race in Christ risen!
Our God is become that consuming fire of the Alter of His Son Christ Jesus.
The letter to the Romans presents the Cross there in its full measure.
The Cross of Christ is the alter to which each of us must go to lay our lives in surrender to Him. It is a place where the natural and carnal man must come. Jesus said that flesh and blood could not enter into the Kingdom of God.
What does that say of Jesus of Nazareth who was flesh and blood? He himself suffered the pouring out of His life’s blood, becoming the first born of those risen from the dead.

How can we compromise the Way, the Truth and His life for anything less than following Him into the requirements and full apprehension of His perfect will and purpose for our lives?
Nothing that flows out of the flesh will secure our right and relationship to the risen Christ. It is only at the Cross where we can be filled with the streaming flow of His precious blood for ministry of any kind. It is a ministry which flows from a broken and humbled vessel, from the least to the greatest.
The Cross of Christ defies making Christianity into a legal system of bondage. For the Church is built outside of time and the world.
The Cross of Christ is applied to all that spoils the harmony of the Body of Christ. There is an excruciating dislocation within the Body when there is discord like yeast __it ferments until the whole Church is filled with self interest and pride, offence and un-forgiveness, until there is nothing left but a false spirituality that is left to make merchandise of the things of God.
Anything that we add to the Cross, makes Christ less than He is. Again I say, “It is at the cross, the alter, where we find the ALL_NESS of Christ for our lives. He becomes our spiritual strength, supported by a sound mind, grounded in truth and righteousness. He is our inspiration, our hope and eternal salvation. Not because I have told you so, not because you heard a sermon of this truth, but because when we take hold of this Spirit Word by faith, we will experience the reality of the new nature of His life in us, His mind through the gift of the Holy Spirit that will reveal Him more and more to us as we come seeking Him in ALL things.
The full measure of the Cross brings us to Christ’s Kingdom which dwells within us, to overcoming, to victory in Jesus, our Messiah.
Now All things relate to our inner life. It touches our nature, our conduct, order and ministry. (Ministry to our family, friends, community and nation). We will manifest the rule of His kingdom effectively and eternally to the pulling down of strongholds, by letting Christ reign from the Alter of His sacrifice for our lives. It is the place where the fire will come down before many witnesses and consume that which is false and would challenge the WORD among God’s people.
Run to the Alter of the Lord, run to the Cross, let Him crucify your flesh, for only the truly crucified will walk in the Spirit, will partake of the things of His kingdom, will be defended and kept from the things of this world.
This is not doctrine. I’m not preaching. It is a place of redemption, it is a place of power, it is a “real” experience of crisis and revolution, it is where the most important decision of your life will be made. Everything will be shaken, overturned, and in some ways a reversal of what you have been taught and have known.
I pray that what I have shared will draw and motivate you to investigate the tremendous and personal invitation that is yours in approaching the One who is perpetually waiting to make you His own. To make you alive by the blood of His sacrifice __by the full measure of His Cross. All our love, _ Mr. Moses and Dove  (Shebet)   

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